The 6-Step Masterclass Strategy for Ultimate Food Marketing

There is an extremely undervalued audience of customers on LinkedIn. If you are a B2C company in the food industry- Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Grocery Stores, Bakeries- the list is endless!  You can capitalize on this marketing arbitrage and turn them into YOUR customers today! 


Create A Captivating Profile

Learn how to create a profile that brings you credibility while separating you from the rest of the boring pack on LinkedIn

Connect With Your Target Audience

Learn how to connect with the exact customers nearby that you want- all for no cost! 

Mouthwatering Posts

Create posts that separate your product or service from everyone else, and bring you more customers no matter what industry you are in! 


According to the American Marketing Association by 2019 over 85% of all online US Searches will be video based.

Do You Have 45 Minutes To Transform Your Business?

99% Of LinkedIn Posts Are Boring 

You have a chance to stand out from companies you are not even competing with! Fewer than 2% of B2C companies are on LinkedIn. This is an actual article on LinkedIn- no matter what your company does it's more exciting than this! 

80% Of Companies Have Policies Against Social Media

That means no Facebook, no Instagram, no Pinterest, no YouTube,  but they DO allow employees on LinkedIn because it is a "business" site. You have a captive audience for 8+ hours 5 days a week! The best news is your competitors are all busy on other platforms while you are winning with LinkedIn! 

Capitalize Before It's Ruined Like Facebook

As a marketer I know we ruin everything, and LinkedIn is fertile ground right now, early adopters will be trend setters with the most followers & be light years ahead of their competition!


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